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Prism Sound 在声学技术的领域中有31年宝贵经验,并且在数码音频测试的技术领域里取得突出的成就。我们的音频测试仪器不仅提供高质量的测试,并且有行业内最好的工程师为我们的技术支持提供了强有力的后盾。



为什么选择Prism Sound

Prism Sound 不仅仅是一个高质量的音频测试仪的生产商,也是一位能为您提供咨询和帮助的专家,无论是在研制开发还是生产线上的问题,Prism Sound都会为您尽心解答。Prism Sound的音频测试产品能为您在研制和生产线上极大地缩短了时间,更早地把产品推向市场将为您带来极大的市场优势。

Welcome to our new Chinese language pages. There is very little content here yet and all the main links will take you to the English pages until the content is in place. We have a small amount of information on the dScope in Chinese: If you need to talk to someone, please contact:

China   China

Control Devices, China
Room 2117, No. 16 Huayuan Road
Jiahe International Building
Hongkuo District

Phone: +86 21 56 667 608
Fax: +86 21 969 660
web site:

Taiwan   Taiwan

Double Advance Technology Ltd.
6F, No. 115, Sec. 2
HuanHe N. Road

Phone: +886 2 2596 0696
Fax: +886 2 2596 0697
Contact: Benjamin Lin
web site:

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dScope plays a pivotal role at BW Broadcast dScope plays a pivotal role at BW Broadcast
Croydon-based BW Broadcast has increased its stock of Prism Sound audio test equipment by investing in two more dScope Series III Digital Audio Analysers, bringing the total number of units it owns to nine . . . (9th September 2014)
dScope Series III advances with new automation solution and updated soundcard support dScope Series III advances with new automation solution and updated soundcard support
dScope's automation sequencer gets a major update and soundcard support now extends to ASIO devices . . . (17th October 2013)

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